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Welcome to my website, which is also the official website of Morten Haugshøj Quartet/Group.

Excited! My new group is ready!
I am so excited to announce that my new group has seen the light of day in the winter of 2017! And what a crew I can present! 

Saxophone: Jesper Løvdal
Drums: Anders Mogensen
Bass: Thomas Sejthen
Guitar: Morten Haugshøj

We play several shows at Aarhus Jazz Festival. See right below.

Here is the programme for my concerts this Aarhus Jazz Festival
I have no less than 23 concerts this festival! Hope to see you around. I have high lighted the  shows with my new band but lot’s of other exciting shows are worth going out for. We have a brilliant bass player – Kenneth Dahl Knudsen – to cover for Thomas on several shows. But he is amazing so come on out.

Fredag d. 14. juli kl. 15.30 – Sam And The Soulmates – Hos Anders
Fredag d. 14. juli kl. 22 – Bungee Jump Bastards – Hantwerk
Lørdag d. 15. juli kl. 16 – New Sun Jazz Kvartet – VinDanmark
Lørdag d. 15. juli kl. 20.30 – Bungee Jump Bastards – Jazz & Venner
Lørdag d. 15. juli kl. 22 – Djazz Dayyani – Hantwerk.
Søndag d. 16. juli kl. 16 – MH QUARTET – VinDanmark.
Søndag d. 16. juli kl. 20 – MH QUARTET – Cafe Gemmestedet
Mandag d. 17 juli kl. 16 – Løvdal/Mogensen/Knudsen/mig – VinDK
Mandag d. 17. juli kl. 18 – Johan Toftegaard Kvartet – Hantwerk
Mandag d. 17 juli kl. 21 – MH QUARTET – Cafe Gemmestedet
Tirsdag d. 18. juli kl. 16 Løvdal/Mogensen/Knudsen/mig – VinDK
Tirsdag d. 18 juli kl. 18 – MH QUARTET – Hantwerk
Tirsdag d. 18. juli kl. 21- Løvdal/Mogensen/Knudsen/mig- Pica Pica
Onsdag d. 19. juli kl. 15.30 – Johan Toftegaard Kvartet – Fairbar
Onsdag d. 19 juli kl. 19.30 – Today’s Filter – Pica Pica
Onddag d. 19. juli kl. 22 – Morten Haugshøj Trio – Hantwerk
Torsdag d. 20 juli kl. 18 – Today’s Filter – Hantwerk
Torsdag d. 20 juli kl. 22 – Sam And The Soulmates – Hantwerk
Fredag d. 21 juli kl. 16.30 – Busters Verden – VinDanmark.
Fredag d. 21. juli kl. 20 – Bülow/Amnitzbøll/mig – Fair Bar
Fredag d. 21 juli kl. 22 – Sam And The Soulmates – Casa V58.
Lørdag d. 22. juli kl. 16 – KARMEN RÕIVASSEPP KVARTET – VinDK
Lørdag d. 22. juli kl. 22 – Wes Montgomery Tribute – Hantwerk.

I can’t even express how thrilled I am to get to play and record with these wonderful musicians. Did you say record!? Yes, I did! In September 2017 we are doing a whole new album with new tunes. I can’t wait!

Hope to see you out there! Until then read below how you get to hear the music.

Thank you!

Buy the Record
Also, feel free to listen to a couple of tunes under ”music”. If you like it, our 3 albums are available for sale below (and elsewhere) on this page. Please check out this video from our album release concert last year. Here it is: video.


About the group and our new album ”Artbreak” (Press Release):
”Morten Haugshøj Quartet is with its six-year history one of the well established jazz groups in Denmark. Artbreak” is the Quartet’s second release since the album” Clarity” was released in 2010. The music could be called – if one has to label it –‘’modern mainstream” and of the ‘’very cool kind” as it sounds from a Danish reviewer (Jazz Special). Morten Haugshøj Quartet consists of musicians among the very best in Denmark and with the award winning sax player Michael Bladt as an incredible ‘’sideman’’. The musicians are:

– Morten Haugshøj: guitar (studied in New York with lessons from Jonathan Kreisberg, Mike Moreno, Gilad Hekselman, Ari Hoenig, etc., released three albums with his own band)
– Michael Bladt, tenor saxophone: (recipient of the prestigious ‘’Gaffelprisen’’ 2014, and undoubtedly one of the best in Denmark on the saxophone)
– Thomas Sejthen, double bass: One of the best Danish bass players. Recording artist with Blue Note (yes, you read correctly) with the band ‘’Indra’’, plays with Uffe Steen trio among many.
– Jesper Bo Knudsen, drums: plays with great colorfullness, dynamics and enthusiasm allowing the music to flow and fuse together.  He is the solid drummer in Uffe Steen Trio and longtime teacher at Aarhus Music Conservatory”.

”Artbreak” for sale right here!
Hopefully you want to support us by buying the album. You can get your hardcopy right here on this link for a price of only 100 DKR or as download on itunes for as little as 72 DKR. Click right here for that choice. Thank you so much for supporting us! Click on ”music” in the menu if you want to explore the music or buy our other albums.

Statements from reviewers about the music (translated):

‘It is clear what Haugshøj wants with his music. He is very inspired by today’s new yorker scene and people like Jonathan Kreisberg. The level is high all the way. (…) Haugshøj is technically very sound and can play both fast and slow down as on the ballad Gossamer Kiss.” (

”The music can – if one has to label it – be called mainstream jazz, but of the very cool kind. (…). Haugshøj has in his solos the ability to let the music breathe, even when the music is cooking.” (Jazzspecial)

Video and links:

Here you can enjoy a short video presentation of the band recorded on March 23rd 2014: Click on video. Also you can enjoy the music on youtube, itunes, Spotify, Wimp etc.

Thank you for supporting us!